Foreclosure Prevention

The foreclosure crisis is one of the nation’s most pressing housing issues, and Illinois continues to have one of the highest rates of foreclosure fillings. The crisis has been particularly hard on immigrants, people of color, and lower-income families who became north suburban homeowners in the last two decades.
More than 14,500 homes were foreclosed in Chicago’s northern suburbs between 2005 and 2013, according to a Open Communities’ analysis of Woodstock Institute foreclosure filings data.

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Landlord & Tenant Advice

Both landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities toward one another, their neighbors and their homes. Landlords’ and tenants’ rights are protected under state and local laws, which establish requirements about security deposits, heating, property maintenance, entry, and eviction.

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At Open Communities, we believe that people of all incomes and backgrounds deserve access to a high quality of life in the northern suburbs.

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Community Organizing

Open Communities provides the hub for north suburban Chicago residents of all backgrounds to come together to work for housing, economic and social justice. We help people unite at the grassroots level so they can influence key decision-makers to promote policies, programs, or bricks-and-mortar developments that support healthy and diverse communities.

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Lend us a hand

You can help promote open and welcoming communities by volunteering your time and talent.

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